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Dossier Society Your Privacy is the Loser

What is a Dossier? A dossier is the compiling and merging of multiple data files containing personal information on individuals to create a digital biography. In some cases, this can encompass hundreds of different databases creating extensive profiles of individuals. But – are those profiles accurate?

Since a dossier is created by merging multiple datasets, the accuracy of the dossier is totally dependent upon complex computer algorithms and the data that is used to create them.

It’s estimated that more than 50% of the dossiers/digital profiles have inaccuracies about an individual due to data anomalies and flawed algorithms. These flaws in the technology and the data can lead to two or more completely unrelated individuals sharing the same dossier identity!

Results of an Inaccurate Dossier

  1. Misidentification of an individual
  2. Loss of employment or denial of employment
  3. Denial of housing
  4. Denial of credit
  5. Destruction of your reputation
  6. False arrest
  7. Denial of an individuals legal rights
  8. Discrimination and/or targeting
  9. Financial losses
  10. Embarrassment or shame

A Distorted Persona

The assemblage of data about us portrays a distorted persona, one that is constructed by a variety of external details. Our digital biography becomes an unauthorized biography, only partially true and very reductive.

Digital biographies are increasingly being used to make important decisions about us - by employers, marketers and the government. Our digital biographies can expose us to dangers such as identity theft, stalking etc.

Digital biographies can often be inaccurate, for example, data supplied by ChoicePoint to Florida election officials prevented many individuals from voting in the November, 2000 election. Why? Because they were wrongfully listed as being felons.

Protect Yourself

When you become a member of, you are joining a group of millions of Americans who believe their personal data should be confidential and not posted on the Internet without consent. As a united group of members of we can affect positive changes in the federal privacy laws that will enforce strict guidelines on corporations and entities that are publishing personal and confidential data on the Internet.

Become a member and gain access to our members only section which includes a members only forum, fraud & scam alerts, proposed changes to the federal privacy laws, tips on protecting your privacy and how to remove your personal information from the Internet and more.