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Vote YES to pass new federal privacy laws to stop companies from publishing your personal data on the Internet

Your personal information is being published on the Internet without your consent. If that isn't alarming enough, consider that your personal identifiable information is also being published on the dark web, a place where illegal activity is running rampant, including the sale of personal data on millions of individuals stolen through data breaches and other nefarious activities.

In a recent survey, 88% of the population said they were deeply concerned that their private information is being published on the Internet, and for good reason. There are literally thousands of data compilers/brokers, marketing and research firms, people search and background check sites that are generating billions of dollars annually in revenue, publishing your personal information, along with millions of other Americans, without consent! Currently, these companies are completely unregulated with few exceptions, and have absolutely no regard for your safety or privacy!

Types of Personal Data Published on the Internet
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Dangers of Personal Info on the Internet
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Types of Personal Data Published on the Internet

  • Name and Address (current and past)
  • Birth Date
  • Social Security Number
  • Phone Number(s)
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Email Address(es)
  • Medical Records and Your Medical Condition(s)
  • Birth, Divorce & Marriage Records
  • Liens, Judgments, Bankruptcies & Foreclosures
  • Financial Records
  • Occupation & Income
  • Education and Institutions
  • Court Records & Documents (Arrest Records, Mug Shots, Criminal History, Lawsuits, Official Records, Traffic Citations, Probate etc.)
  • Professional & Licensing Information
  • Voter Information
  • Motor Vehicle, Watercraft and Aircraft Registrations
  • Driving Records & Driving History
  • Credit Information
  • Housing Information - Properties Owned or Rented
  • Corporate Affiliations and Business Associates
  • Religion
  • Social Media Information - Personal Interests, Hobbies, Your Contacts, etc.
  • Family Members and Their Connection to You
  • Associations, Clubs & Organizations etc.
  • Neighbors
  • Geographic & Demographic Information
  • Passport number
  • Weapons, hunting and fishing permits
  • Former Classmates
  • Purchase History

If you want to know what companies are publishing your personal information on the Internet, and where they are getting the data from, you can access our members only area. When you become a member, you will have exclusive access to that information.

Dangers of Personal Info on the Internet

  1. Identity Theft: Stolen identities accounts for approximatelly 20 million victims annually, with an estimated loss of nearly $20 billion. With your personally identifiable information so easily accessible on the Internet, your odds of becoming a victim of ID Theft is 1 in 15. It's not a question of whether or not you will become a victim of identity theft, it's a question of when.
  2. Scams & Fraud: With access to your personal information you can easily be targeted for the following types of scams: Ponzi Schemes, Pyramid Schemes, Charity, Banking, Investment, Grants, Lottery, Sweepstakes, Ticket Scams and more!
  3. Stalking:  Your personal data published on the Internet makes you accessible to stalkers. Stalking can occur from conflicts, road rage, relationships gone bad, work-place issues, being a victim or a witness of a crime, etc.
  4. Destruction of Reputation:  Individuals can experience shame, embarassment and even discrimination when details of their personal life are broadcast and published on the Internet. Reputations can easily be destroyed due to data errors or someone is misidentified. The Internet is forever. Nothing is ever deleted, so a tarnished reputation is a serious matter.
  5. Loss of Social Forgiveness:  With so much data and personal information being published on the Internet, any negative information such as arrest records can lead to loss of social forgiveness. This can lead to a growing number of individuals becoming disenfranchised for life. This can also lead to employment difficulties, housing difficulties, targeting and discrimination.
  6. Secondary Use of Private Information (Dossier/Digial Biographies):  Compiling information from several sources and merging multiple data sets, will create new records of personal information, which is known as a dossier or profile of an individual leading to extensive personal histories available at the click of a mouse to virtually anyone. Do you want your life's history published on the Internet for the world to view? I doubt it!

Why Remove Your Personal Information from the Internet

  • To keep you and your family safe
  • To reduce your chances of ID Theft, Scams, Fraud, & Stalking
  • To keep your personal life private and to protect your reputation
  • To stop companies and any other entity, or individual from tracking you or any members of your family


Your personal information, along with millions of other Americans, is being published on the Internet by thousands of companies, corporations and information brokers, without consent and they are virtually unregulated. These companies are generating billions of dollars annually by offering up your personally identifiable information without any regard for you, or your families personal safety. In many cases the information being published on the Internet is highly sensitive and extremely personal, and can contain erroneous data about an individual. The proliferation of your personal data being published on the Internet by these corporations can lead to you, or your family being targeted for identity theft, stalking, scams/fraud, and damage to your reputation etc. If you believe, like millions of other Americans, that your personal data should be removed from the Internet and remain confidential, then please consider joining our cause. Help us change the federal privacy laws.

Help Us Change the Laws to Protect Your Privacy is a consumer information research and advocacy program for protecting your private information online. Unfortunately, there are currently no federal or state laws prohibiting companies from publishing your personal data on the Internet. At best, some websites do allow you to opt-out of their systems, however it is not mandatory that they actually follow through. Of the thousands of companies publishing your personal information, only a small percentage of them have an opt-out program.

At we believe that your personal information should be an opt-in rather then an opt-out system. In other words, the companies publishing your personal information and generating billions of dollars in revenue for their shareholders and executives, should have your consent before publishing your personal information on the Internet!

If you believe that your personal information should remain confidential and can only be published on the Internet with your consent, please join our cause. Become a member of and help us to change the federal privacy laws.

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