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Member comments

I was a victim of identity theft about 6 months ago. It's been nothing but a nightmare! I've spent endless hours on the phone with creditors trying to straighten this mess out. It's hard to believe that as a victim, my creditors treat me like a criminal. I joined this site because I hope that as a group, we can change the privacy laws. Something needs to change!

Mary D.

Austin, Texas

I can't believe how much personal information is published on the Internet about me, including my birth date, email address and phone number. This is a complete invasion of my privacy.

Dean S.

Long Island, New York

I found myself on one of those people search sites. I went through their "so-called" opt-out process to have my name removed, and they never followed through. When I contacted them, they just told me to do the opt-out again. I've done it 5 times and they still haven't removed my information. I'm sick of this! I don't want my name and all of my relatives on these stupid people search sites.

Tom A.

Atlanta, Georgia

I'm a single woman and I joined an online dating service. I hate that my personal information is so easily accessible on the internet. You just never know how a date is going to go, or who you are meeting. I wish there was a way to get my personal info off the internet. It scares me. That's why I joined this site. Hopefully we can all band together and get some new regulations in place to restrict how much of my personal info is on the web. If it was up to me, I would get rid of all of it!

Lori L.

Charleston, South Carolina

They have all my voter information out on the Internet. This is outrageous! It includes what party I'm affiliated with, my gender, birth date, home address, phone number etc. This is despicable! I joined this site because it's a cause I believe in. I'm tired of my privacy being invaded.

Vickie O.

Orlando, Florida

I got divorced 8 months ago. It was an abusive relationship. Now, all my information like my name, address, phone number etc., is out on the Internet. I wanted to get away from my ex and not have him be able to track me down. How did they get my information and post it out on the Internet so quickly? This is awful! We have no privacy anymore - and it's dangerous.

Cynthia L.

Dayton, Ohio